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The Italian criminal law is in full expansion. Through each new Government there is an increase of penal conducts and there are introduced always new crimes.
In parallel, the presumption of innocence mentioned in the Constitution and in the European Convention on Human Rights it is not always respected by the Police forces and journalists.
Indeed, the suspect is seen and treated as guilty.

When Your future and freedom or the future and freedom of Your Company are dealing with Justice, the Law Firm will strive for protect your fundamental rights by reaching the best result.

By defending its clients, the Law Firm is committed to accompany them in each step of the consultancy. From the preventive analysis of the risks, up to the defense in case of arrest, seizure and of course for all the duration of the trial.

The criminal proceedings are characterized by a huge amount of stress. Therefore, the emotional aspect is dealt with care and professionality.



The Law Firm offers all over Italy, its legal assistance from the preliminary investigations to the litigation.
The headquarters are located in Rome and Catania, with partnership and collaboration in Milan and Turin.

Defensive Investigation

Most of the times, a trial is won or lost before its start.
The Law Firm gives importance to the preliminary investigation. The Italian code of criminal procedure attributes to the attorney many technical and juridical instruments to search, identify and record evidences useful for the client.
That takes place even before the opening of the official investigations from the Public Prosecutor.
Afterwards a technical evaluation, the Law firm protects its clients through a complex activity that could be resumed by:
– Interviewing people who are useful to the investigation and collecting a deposition,
– Instructing a private investigator,
– Nominating technical consultants,
– Accessing to the related places or requesting specific documents to the Public Administration,
Accordingly, defensive investigation enables to effectively protect the client by offering a defensive strategy tailored to the specific case.

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